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History of The Grain House

As the name suggests, The Grain House has a history that is closely associated with the family run farm at Baythorne Hall.

Although the hall itself dates back to the 14th Century, The Grain House's story really begins in the 1880s when George Jarvis Unwin came to Baythorne Hall, as a tenant farmer of the wonderfully named King Viall.

George Jarvis farmed the land at Baythorne Hall, but died prematurely leaving his oldest son, George Ernest, still a very young man, to make his way in life. He was a quick learner and had a head for business and in 1900 he started trading in grain while continuing to farm the land as a tenant farmer.

During the depression of the 1930's the landlord, King Viall, fell on hard times and was forced to sell his assets, giving George Ernest the opportunity to buy Baythorne Hall, the land and much of the property associated with it.

He built himself an office from which to trade in grain and this forms the two storey part of The Grain House. The single storey part of the building was created out of old stables which became an extension to that office from which a successful business was run, becoming G.E. Unwin and Sons in 1956.

The business was sold in 1975 following the death of George Ernest, but continued to trade, as Unwin Grain, from these premises for another 30 years until, having been bought out by Nidera, was required to join the parent company in Ipswich in 2004.

With the future of the grain trading offices being uncertain, George Ernest’s grandson Peter and his wife Pippa made the decision to convert them, in 2010, into a substantial house with its own private garden and river frontage.

The Unwin family still live and farm at Baythorne Hall. The current incumbents being George Ernest’s great-grandson, George Samuel and his wife Sarah.